Friday, December 10, 2010

Anything more disappointing than Lockerz? invitation only website where you can earn points by logging in daily, watching videos, and inviting friends.  These points can be used to redeem prizes or to get you discounts on items in their shop.  Sounds great right?  Well as they say, looks good on paper...and that is all.

I joined Lockerz in the fall of 2009.  I redeemed a little pink ipod back then.  And since then I haven't redeemed a single thing.   When they have a  prize redemption the prizes are mysteriously gone in under a minute. People wait for hours to redeem...because Lockerz of course doesn't even tell when the redemption is going to be...and then most don't even get to redeem anything.  After the redemption you can see all the unhappiness of the members on Lockerz redemption...though Lockerz has been known to disable comments if too many post about their unhappiness.

There is also Lockerz's Shop, where points have no discernable  value.  For example, a $300 Playstation 3 can be gotten for free for 200,648 points. but it takes 115,590 points to get a $6 Baby Baggu bag for free.  Can someone tell me how that sounds reasonable?

And lets not forget about Lockerz's promise to have 24/7 redemptions. 24/7 redemptions turned into 24/7 auctions where there is about a dozen items for hundreds of thousands of users to fight over.

In short, Lockerz is about as satisfying as a limp dick and as disappointing as no gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

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