Monday, March 31, 2014

Team Viva® Vantage* Sampling

Not all paper towels are created equal. I am a fan of Bounty which is why I was interested and glad to be pick for the Team Viva Vantage Sampling campaign from Crowdtap.  As a member of Crowdtap I was sent 4 rolls of Viva Vantage Paper Towels to try for free and to share with my family and friends. 

This sample share came just in time because I have a new puppy named Molly.  Like most puppies Molly likes to make messes in the house.  So these paper towels were definitely put to the test.  They are quite absorbent. Miss Molly decided to move her water dish and spill water all over the floor. The Viva Vantage paper towels cleaned up the water pretty good.  My mom also spilled about 16 oz. of water on her kitchen table and she used them to clean up. Said they worked pretty good.

These paper towels scrub pretty good as well. They have a rough texture which makes cleaning up messes easy.  On the other hand the rough texture makes these paper towels a bad substitute for a napkin.  A bit too rough for mouth wiping.

All in all, these paper towels are pretty good. I will probably stick to using Bounty but I was quite impressed by Viva.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

As a member of I was recently selected to try a Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray.  I was sent a full size bottle of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day spray in the Lemon Verbana scent to try for free.  

I am always interested in trying natural cleaning products because I hate the smell of harsh chemical sprays.  So when given the chance to try a Mrs. Meyer's product I jumped at it.  The cleaner cleans pretty good for a natural spray. And it certainly smells better than chemical sprays. I am not too fond of the scent but that is just because it is not a particular scent that I would choose for my kitchen. Others might enjoy it.

Luckily for me, Mrs. Meyer's sprays come in a variety of scents. These scents include Basil, Lavender, Geranium, Sunflower, Rosemary, Bluebell, Honeysuckle, and Radish (I am quite curious to how that would smell.)  At about $3.99 for a bottle, they are decently priced as well.

There are tons of other kinds of products available in this Clean Day line. Glass cleaner, dish soap, and surface wipes, to name a few.  So if you are looking for a great line of natural cleaning products you should try the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products.