Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine


Cosmopolitan is a good magazine.  It is full of fun articles and good advice.  But after a while the magazine gets boring.  All the sex tips just seem to be recycled.  Also as I get older, I find that for a "women's magazine", this magazine tends to do a lot of interviews with too many younger celebrities.  I really don't want to read about Miley Cyrus or other young people like that.  They are young and there just isn't that much interesting stuff to read about them.  Another thing I have noticed is that the guys printed in the magazine just keep getting younger and more baby faced...which in my opinion, is less attractive.  I enjoyed this magazine for many years, but I no longer renew my subscription because it got boring.  But for a new subscriber, this magazine should keep them occupied for a while.

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