Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Epic Fail

Well no freebies today...and as of tomorrow I will have no virus protection...thanks to UPS.  Today the epic fail award goes to UPS!  My package from Amazon containing my McAfee Total Protection 2011 didn't arrive today.  Wouldn't have had to even order it if McAfee didn't want so much for online renewal (see previous blog post for more on that).  Anyway, it was suppose to arrive today.  It didn't. 

Why didn't it arrive today, you ask?  Because UPS sent my package to TEXAS.  That's right. Texas.  I live in Mississippi.  UPS didn't even have an answer as to why my package was in Texas. Maybe it was miss sorted.  Yeah, they got that right.  And now it won't arrive till probably the 11th, due to bad weather.  Thanks a lot, UPS.  I've enclosed a screencap so you can see the wonderful adventure my package is having.

When I called UPS, I told the agent that I hoped my package could arrive without going/being scanned through the rest of the 48 (actually 46 seeing as how it was first scanned in Kentucky and it was already scanned in TN, MS, and TX) states. I don't think she liked that.

As a side note, Amazon did give me a $10 credit for my troubles.

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