Sunday, April 10, 2011

AT&T caps bandwidth of DSL users

It is Sunday which means no freebies.  So for today I thought I would talk about an issue that disgusts me.  AT&T, as of May 2, 2011 is implementing bandwidth caps.  AT&T hasn't informed you yet of these changes, well they haven't informed me yet either.

AT&T is placing a 150 GB cap on their High Speed Residential DSL plans.  250 GB for UVerse. They swear that the normal customer only uses 18 GB a month and that this cap will only affect 2% of users.  But don't worry, you can use more than 150 GB if you want, but you will be charged $10 for every 50 GB that you go over.  

I found out about this change online so I contacted AT&T through their LiveChat service where I was lied to.  The agent told me that this change was a law and that it was implemented by the FCC.  This is a lie.  There is no law telling ISP providers that they have to cap bandwidth and it certainly is not implemented by the FCC, who is always fighting for net neutrality and regulation of ISP providers. 

So users of AT&T DSL, kiss your video game playing and video streaming goodbye. If you use Hulu, Netflix streaming, playing video games online, etc, you face a choice. Pay extra or  limit your usage of services like that.

Here is the link to the page where AT&T talks about the new change.

I have since contacted the Better Business Bureau about being lied to, but AT&T has not responded yet.

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