Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lied to in AT&T Live Chat.

Apparently my BBB battle with AT&T is coming to an end. AT&T thinks they did nothing wrong. Won't even acknowledge that their customer service lied to me. Up until now I had refrained from posting the conversation, but not anymore. So here is the conversation where AT&T Live Chat lied to me.

In my complaint to the BBB, I said that AT&T had lied to me and I wanted an apology for being lied to.  I wanted AT&T to acknowledge that their customer service rep had lied to me and given me false information. This is the letter that I had received from AT&T in response to my Better Business Bureau complaint. 

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  1. You sent a complaint to the BBB because you wanted an apology? Just wow....people are so entitled these days. What the hell is an apology going to do for you? Sounds like you need a hobby.