Thursday, November 15, 2012

B&BW Mini Candle

As part of the Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 I recieved a Bath and Body Works Mini Candle. This little candle might be small but its scent isn't. The candle I received was Black Pepper Bergamot. I had never in my life heard of a scent like that before but I gave it a shot.  It is a bit strong to me, but it smells pretty good. It has a nice essential oil smell to it. Nothing too chemical or flowery. Kind of earthy. 

I like this little and the looks of the rest of the line of mini candles because they are like the perfect gift...think stocking stuffer. Why give someone a huge candle of a scent they may not like. Give them a mini candle and they can try the scent out. If they like it, then a larger candle can be bought later. Just perfect. I also like how the candles have unique scents.  With scents like Frosted Cupcake and Toffee Crunch, I'm sure there is a candle for everyone!

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