Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crowdtap Sample & Share: Woolite

I was recently chosen by Crowdtap to receive some samples of Woolite to try and to share with others. The samples were from Woolite Everyday laundry detergent. I don't generally use anything besides Gain to wash my clothes so I was skeptical. But Woolite Everyday is a great detergent. I liked the scent because it wasn't too strong. And the detergent didn't look weak like some detergents look. I gave my sister some samples and I hope she has the same the experience with the detergent.  While I liked this detergent I probably would not buy it because it is more expensive than my usual brand.

Woolite Everyday is good for all your fabrics including jeans and delicate stuff like silk (though it is always recommend to follow the washing instructions on such garments). It cleans gently but thoroughly with a fresh scent. It won't shrink or stretch your clothing. And Woolite Everyday helps to keep your clothes from fading, so your clothes stay their brightest. 

Woolite Everyday is available in sizes 50oz, 100oz & 133oz. Average retail price for a 50 oz bottle seems to be about $9.00.

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