Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taco Bell Sauces Big Game Party

Remember the days when you had to go to Taco Bell, order some tacos inside and take as many taco sauce packets as possible without getting caught? Well Taco Bell caught on and now no one has to do that. You can go to the store now and buy all the sauce you want. Way more convenient than all those packets.

The only way taco night at my house gets better is when there is Taco Bell Sauce to go with the tacos.  I love Taco Bell sauces which is why I was thrilled when selected by Crowdtap to participate in the
Taco Bell Sauces Big Game Party.  Crowdtap sent me four bottles of Taco Bell to share with others and have an awesome night of yummy food.

The four bottles I was sent were Fire Sauce, Mild Sauce, Hot Sauce, and Verde Salsa.  The Mild Sauce is a staple in my house.  I always have like 2 bottles in the house at all times. But the others were new to me and the rest of the people who tried them. Fire sauce is right...that was hot. I had never heard of the Verde Salsa until I got into this campaign.  It was...different.  Not bad different though. It was actually quite tasty. My husband's opinion was it tasted "green". LoL.

I wanted to present the flavors as a taste testing type situation so I made some Tostito Scoops Taco samplers. Basically what I did was make my usual taco filling and put it into some Tostito Scoops. Topped with cheese, sour cream and Taco Bell Sauce. That way the flavors could be tried individually. It was great.

So if you love Taco Bell Sauce or just taco sauce, you should definitely try all these flavors today. They make taco night taste even better!!

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