Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Venus Snap VoxBox

I was chosen to receive a wonderful VoxBox from Influenster recently. In this magical box was the Venus Snap with Embrace.

I have to admit when I first pulled the Venus Snap out of its package I scoffed at it. "How could something this small be comfortable to shave with?" I thought to myself.  I didn't think there was any way that the Snap was going to a good product to use. I felt like a giant holding it. The handle was so short.

Regardless of my reservations, I did try the Venus Snap. And you know what, I LOVE it. I've been a Shick user my whole life, but I may actually switch now to Venus products.  I know the Venus Snap is suppose to be a razor for "on the go" but the handle was so comfortable for me to hold. The razor with it's 5 "curve hugging blades" and "water activated ribbon of moisture" gave me a wonderfully smooth shaving without any nicks. No blood drawn at all. :) That is a win in my book. 

I definitely recommend the Venus Snap with Embrace for anyone who wants a razor for on the go...or for anyone who just loves the mini size and comfort of the handle. Venus also offers other full size razors such as the Venus Embrace Sensitive for sensitive skin and the Venus & Olay to help moisturize the skin.

*I received the Venus Snap free from Influenster to try. I was not paid for the review and my opinions are my own*

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