Monday, October 20, 2014

Crowdtap Sampling: Advil-Film Coated

Ah the Fall.  The time of year for pumpkins, trick or treating, and headaches.  The constant weather changing in the south always give me a headache so I was thrilled to try Advil Film-Coated Ibuprofen courtesy of Crowdtap. 

I was originally sent 8 samples but in the picture I've posted you'll only see 6. Why is that? Because not ten minutes after they arrived my sister had a horrible headache. So I saved the day with Advil.  And later that night I had some body pains so I took some Advil as well.  It worked great. I'm not a loyal Tylenol user like some people. Tylenol is good for some aches and pains, but Advil is better for inflammation and annoying female things like painful periods. So there is room for both on my shelf.

 * I was given samples of this product free to try from Crowdtap. All opinions in this blog are mine and mine alone.*

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